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Funtional Fertility First

Bring on the baby bump!

Naturally Effective &
Proven Fertility Solutions

  • Pre, peri and post menopausal support and balance
  • Preconception infertility care, female and male
  • Post-partum care to reset nutritional and hormonal needs
  • Address the emotional aspects this journey
  • Creating  the optimal food lifestyle
  • Thyroid and adrenal imbalance support
  • Shifting from traditional birth control to regaining endocrine balance  

Hello, I’m Dr. Christine Moore


Studied nutrition at Oregon State University, Texas Chiropractic School DC, Dipla. Chiropractic Pediatrics, extensive training since 1986  in Applied Clinical Kinesiology, Certified in acupuncture/meridian therapy, 40 years of clinical nutrition study and experience. Mother of three grown children

My Purpose
Elevate each and every person we have to honor of working with to a better state of being for having worked with us.

My Approach
Honesty above all else.

Commitment to individualized, thorough care.

Focused listening.

Strong and positive advocate for you.

Think outside the box..

Focus on the whole family.

Ways We Can Help You


My office is conveniently located in Plano, TX. I love meeting all the people I work with face-to-face in person if possible.


Thankfully we live in a day that allows my entire program to be done virtually from anywhere without missing a beat.

Email/Phone Support

You will have questions, and part of every program is the ability to contact me with questions in between sessions.

Join Others Who Have
Taken Charge of Their Fertility

“Blessed with our first Child”

We had experiences a couple miscarriages. We were a healthy young couple and there was no foreseeable reason why we were having trouble. I began working with Dr. Moore. She asked us to wait for at least 3 months post the last miscarriage before trying again. We did everything that was recommended. At just under 3 months we were pregnant. We stayed the course with her recommendations and were blessed with our first child! We subsequently had 3 more angels, repeating exactly what worked previously! Happy beyond

“Happy, healthy Baby”

In my late teens/early 20’s, I was told I would never be able to have children. I adjusted to that reality and moved forward. For 10 or so years what I had been told was true. No birth control, and no pregnancies. After seeing Dr. Moore for other health concerns, not only were those taken care of, but I got pregnant and received the best gift ever! Happy healthy baby!

“We are so in love with this angel baby!”

As our family and friends were having babies, we were super ready for ours as well. It wasn’t as easy as we thought and had trouble conceiving the keeping a baby. I was referred to Dr. Moore. We did everything she recommended. We are so in love with this angel baby!

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